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            Business Unit 4

            Machining and moulds

            BU4 is also called Machining Department, founded in 2006, With nearly 2000 square meters of workshops and an excellent technical team, located in BoJie Industrial Park, Fuxi Industrial Zone, Qianshan Town, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai. At present, we have more than 70 sets of advanced equipment, including CNC, milling machine, precision carving machine, grinder, wire cutting, tapping machine, etc. The detection equipments are advanced such as the 2D image measuring instrument and the 3D measuring instrument. We are firmly committed to being a leading standardized machining enterprise of mechanical parts.

            We are oriented by the market demand of mechanical automation equipment industry. We obtain good reputation and development prospect with our advanced management experience, outstanding design concept, advanced technology, exquisite technique, high-quality and efficient production advantages, on-time delivery cycle, and warm service.

            We mainly produce: first, ICT parts, precision parts of manipulator; second, parts of circular winding machine, vulnerable parts of winding machine; third, precision parts of non-standard automation equipment; fourth, non-standard inspection tools, jigs, tooling, etc.

            Business contact:

            Guan Xijun(general manager of BU): 13928042870

            Address: 4th floor, Building 2, No.10 Futian Road, Fuxi Industrial Zone, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai.

            About KLES


            Business Unit / Product



            Zhuhai KLES Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. 

            Add:Floor 4, building 2, No.10 Futian Road, Fuxi Industrial Zone, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai




            Zhuhai Hengnuo Technology Co., Ltd

            Add:2 / F, Zone C, logistics park, No. 11, Fuyong Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai



            Copyright ?  2020 Zhuhai KLES Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. 


            Service Center

            Please choose online customer service to communicate

            Consultation hotline
            0756-8911015 , 0756-8911016
            Working hours
            Monday to Saturday 08:00----12:00;13:30----17:30
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